My LinkedIn Brand ambassador Experience

Being a part  AKA  “Linked In Learning” is the best thing happened to me last year!



Feel the change in yourself: I see a tremendous change in myself. This gave me the confidence to be with people, explaining and handling workshop on my own. I learn how to be precise and clear when you need to grab attention from people.

Inspired to Learn more: Being a part of and promoting it, I realized there are so many skills I need to learn to apply in my real life which is helping me right now. is a real help to a student in need.

Gained confidence: While creating a workshop and gathering ideas for during campus activities I feel I have some responsibilities, sometimes I spend hours and hours about designing a pamphlet and planning my speech I take this so seriously because it boosts up my confidence when I talk to people about This made me realize how much I love to learn something for myself and how I would be better at it.

What and where?

As a part of brand ambassadors, Mohammad gave us an opportunity to represent learning in Seneca’s open house, that was a huge success for us. We managed to interact with so many people, I feel delightful because of helping so many current and future students in their careers.

I and Camille designed pamphlets with the skills we learned from Mohammad has been super supportive and encouraging us.

Another time when winter term started, I managed to have an informative session to new students in Seneca Markham cafeteria campus, where I was going to new students, welcoming them to our school and telling them about and it’s benefits. I got a lot of positive comments from students who were making my day.

Also, travelling in shuttle services of Seneca Newnham to Markham campus everyday I always get opportunity to talk about to anyone in the bus, in my conversation with one student named Harsh Parikh, who told me he is a marketing student but have been always interested in learning about designing so he finished the entire learning path of “Become an illustrator” in his break and he is creating his own portfolio and working on his start-up which is so brilliant.

Another time, Mohamad arranged tables for me to promote and be a part of orientation in Newnham campus where I encouraged new students to download the app and use this activity was fun and engaging new students.

In all this time I have talked with so many people and knowing their experience is coming to my inspiration, there are a lot of people who are and praising it which is inspirational to me. gives you convince to study skills you want to develop. I feel amazing when I realize I have been helping so many people throughout my journey.

All I want to say heartily thank you to Jennifer who has been so considerate and helpful during this journey. You are such a wonderful woman. Every time I get an email from her or I check any comments of yours on linked in, that made me more passionate about my role.

Seeing LinkedIn office was a dream for me as an international student coming from a small town in India. This program is very motivating which gave me leadership skills and solid interpersonal skills. Also, helped me to be a creative and imaginative thinker.